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Cloning is the creation of an animal or person from the genes of an animal or person which already exists.

I personally believe that cloning can bring many advantages to people’s lives.

To start with, clone vital organs, can be used to save other people, and can be used to correct genetic diseases, on other words, it is possible to have genes without any defects. Moreover, animal cloning can save and preserve endangered species.

On the other hand, cloning can be dangerous and can interfere with peoples individuality. Ethical and moral values can be at risk.

All in all, I think that if it is used the right way, cloning can be a great step for science.

Continents/Cities/Streets, squares, circuses/Mountains/Lakes/Proper names/Names of sports or games/Uncountable, plural and abstract nouns used in their general sense

Countries: exception – united countries

Meals: but: The breakfast…

Times of day: but: in the morning/afternoon/evening

Methods of travelling: but: They came by the early couch the 83 bus

In the following expressions:
On foot, to school/college; in class/at home
But: I’m going to the Hospital/School to see Jane
Stand on the bed to reach the shelf

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